Ahmed Said Engineering Consultancy (ASEC) is the professional global consultancy service provider of technical information & engineering services Including Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Management, Fire Engineering consultancy and HAZOP. Our experienced & trained consultants are there to give you ultimate peace of mind that your business or project complies with current legislation including the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) and the Building Regulations. Using advanced technology and an experienced staff, ASEC creates and maintains cost-effective solutions.

Our portfolio of services also encompasses to help your company develop complex mechanical designs and products, reduce time-to-market, and penetrate existing and emerging markets. Our services include product design, analysis, prototyping & testing, Structural & construction engineering, field failure investigations (root cause analysis) and solutions, and custom design tool development. We use tools such as Finite Element Analysis from Ansys and Abacus, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) from CFX, CAD tools such as Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Catia and Pro/E.

We pride ourselves on our ‘smart’ approach to delivering projects. In everything we do, we work to ensure our clients obtain the optimal outcome possible.

A dedication to technically challenging and practical solutions is central to ASEC’s client service approach. Clients value our ability to understand and satisfy the needs of all project stakeholders including government agencies and local authorities, project owners and the community.

ASEC’s team is committed to delivering tangible outcomes which add value to infrastructure and urban development projects throughout Oman.

Our goal is to provide safe buildings without compromising the design vision.

As a specialist fire engineering consultancy, fire engineering is what we do, not just something we do. Our solutions are design focused and respond to the architecture.

We were the fire consultant on many of the largest and most complex construction projects in Sultanate of Oman in recent years, including National Gas Plant-Sohar, Ferro Alloy plant-Sohar FZC, Warehouse – Salalah FZC, Muscat Airport MC13 & Muscat downtown Mall

To support the authorities in their efforts to maintain professional development in the field of fire safety engineering to the benefit of life safety and business continuity in the Sultanate of Oman

Ahmed Said Engineering Consultancy is a team with a commitment to excellent service & with highly motivated individuals dedicated to devise & implement protection of the public health, safety and welfare.

We exhibit the highest standards of integrity, Commitment, Excellence & Teamwork. Our strong point is generated from our clients, our people, our industry and our community.

We are dedicated to grant our clients with unsurpassed service and reliability. To enhance safety awareness and endow with special expertise in safety analysis & accident prevention.

We ensure to offer life safety and asset protection, provide technically sound & cost effective fire safety solutions based on the national and international codes & standard.


    The Power of Honesty

    • Act honestly and with integrity
    • Avoid and manage conflicts and potential conflicts of interest
    • Compete fairly
    • Ensure accuracy and completeness of financial reports and accounting records
    • Communicate openly, honestly, and fairly
    • Handle “inside information” appropriately and lawfully
    • Refuse to make improper payments

    The Power of Responsibility

    • Protect the health and safety of others and ourselves
    • Support environmental responsibility through sustainable development
    • Take personal responsibility
    • Protect hard assets, brands, and other intellectual property

    The Power of Quality

    • Accept nothing but the best quality in products and services
    • Focus on delivering the highest value to customers, always with a sense of urgency
    • Establish a work environment that supports excellence
    • Select, place, and evaluate employees based on qualifications and performance
    • Provide employees with opportunities to develop

    The Power of Working Together

    • Treat others with respect and do not tolerate intimidation or harassment
    • Treat people fairly and prohibit discrimination
    • Foster an inclusive environment
    • Conduct business worldwide with consistent global standards
    • Collaborate with key entities and organizations outside the company
    • Build outstanding relationships with dealers and distribution channel members